Lease with a Right to Purchase Program 

I work with a Lease to Own Program that has helped several of my clients move into a home of their choice. They may not be ready to purchase a home or are not able to obtain a mortgage just yet. This program is offered by a national company called Home Partners of America and allows clients to shop for the home they love and move in now with the option to purchase over the next 5 years. 

Please read the information below and if you are interested in learning more or have additional questions, I would love to set up a time to chat on the phone. It would give you a chance to ask questions and give me a chance to find out what you are looking for and if this program might be a good fit for you. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 



How it Works


Apply for approval 

Prospective residents start the process by filling out a Pre-Qualification Application that checks key issues.

If you decide to apply to the program I will email you a link to the application site. 

The Application Process:

  • Every member of the household over 18 must complete the Full Application
  • Application requires – residence and employment history, income (2 most recent pay stubs) and asset verification ( screenshot of bank account balance)
  • Application Fee:  $75.00 per household (nonrefundable)
  • All applicantions must be completed online
  • It takes 24 to 48 business hours to process once all required documentation is received

If the Pre-Qualification Application is approved, the applicant will be required to submit a Full Application for a full credit and background check.

If a Full Application is approved, Home Partners will outline the maximum Monthly Rent of the home for which the prospective resident qualifies.

** Your lease approval amount is normally approximately 1/3 of your monthly household income. 



  • Annual income of $50,000. In the Portland Metro area, an annual household income of $80,000 is truly needed in order to obtain a decent detached home. 
  • Stable employment
  • No history of eviction or other landlord issues
  • No pending bankruptcy
  • No history of felony or certain other crimes
  • Credit Score of 550 (we check TransUnion-a higher credit score will not guarantee approval)


Find a qualified home 

Prospective residents  work with a REALTOR® to find a home in an approved community.

Home Partners of America will consider homes within a purchase price of $100K to $650K, and that meet certain other criteria that your assigned agent will review with you.

Once a home is identified and approved by Home Partners, Home Partners will attempt to purchase the home- the outcome of which will depend on certain conditions being met such as agreeing on a purchase price with the seller, a satisfactory inspection, attorney review of the purchase contract, and other closing conditions being satisfied.


Home Partners buys the qualified home, the household leases the home.

Prospective residents will be required to sign a one-year Lease for the home as well as Right to Purchase Agreement. After one year, you are able to continue leasing the home, you can give your notice and move out or you have the option to purchase the home using a lender of your choice.